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    Forensics Potential for Success

    posted Mar 1, 2012, 8:16 AM by RAHSnews   [ updated Mar 28, 2012, 9:29 AM ]
        Forensics. Many people have no idea what this is. The first thing that came to mind when I first heard of Forensics was science. After some research I learned that Forensics is a speaking competition. Just like any other sport, there are Regional and State competitions. There are different categories in which a person can compete. Some categories include prose, poetry, play acting, oratory, and public address.
        Prose is where one reads a short story from a work of art such as an essay or novel and conveys the meaning with change in voice and body language. In poetry, one reads a poem to the audience, and once again, one uses his/her voice and body language to develop an understanding to the audience. Play acting involves a group of 2-5 people. This group acts out a scene or cutting from a play, but the group cannot use any props or costumes. Oratory is basically creating and presenting a persuasive speech on a topic about which one has a strong opinion. In public address, one will create and present a response to a controversial question among today's society.
        Here at RAHS we have our very own Forensics team. Team members include: Jordyn Schara, Jackie Anderson, Katherine Pfaff, Elvia Valles, Danielle Roessler, Erica Nelson, Jolene Brigman, and Kori Beisbier. Schara is involved in oratory. Pfaff and Valles are each doing different prose acts. Beisbier is participating in farrago, which is a combination of different categories that has the same theme throughout it, while Roessler is doing solo acting, and finally Nelson is delivering poetry to the judges. These students are all preparing for their district competitions on March 24. With nearly a month to prepare, these students are taking full advantage of everyday. “We have to memorize our lines and help each other get better,” said Jackie Anderson.

        Everyone competed at sub-districts and advanced to districts. For those sports fanatics out there, sub-districts is the equivalent of regionals, and districts is the equivalent to sectionals. There are three rounds in which contestants must perform, each one with a different judge. In each round, a maximum number of 25 points can be earned. In order to advance from sub-districts to districts, one must score 16 points or higher in two of the three rounds. Once one makes it to the district round, he/she must score 20 points or higher in two of the three rounds in order to advance to the state competition. At state it is either do or die. There is only one round for the contestant to impress a judge. If the contestant receives 25 points, he/she receives a gold medal. Twenty-three or 24 points will get one a silver medal. Receiving 20-22 points will win a bronze medal, while scoring 5-19 points will only earn a participation award.
        “I’m hopeful that most, if not all, will advance to the state contests,” said Anderson. Anderson is competing in solo acting this year. “I think we’ll do great at district as long as people memorize their lines and keep practicing every day. If we want to advance, we have to work hard,” stated Anderson. If the Forensics team works hard and helps one another, there is no doubt that they will have success. If you see any of these Forensics members in the halls of RAHS anytime soon, wish them luck at their district competitions. Get at it Forensics!

    By Nick Christensen